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How To Get The Neatest Paint Finish On Woodwork?

It truly is very imperative that you first consider what type of wood you happen to be working with, interior or exterior. Much is similar between interior and exterior but the most important thing it impacts upon is, what kind of paint you choose — interior or exterior woodwork paint. We are going to first take a look at painting interior wood.

Step 1

Should be to insure that you have a clean surface to work on. Clean off any residue or remains of other stains and previous paint jobs. Sanding is usually a great option when trying to produce this clean surface.

Step 2

Will be ensuring your base and stain are well-matched. Donot mix and match — its best to make use of both products belonging to the same producer.

Step 3

Protect nearby surfaces from spills, splatters and drips. Tarpaulins, drip cloths and handy rags are a necessity.

Step 4

Make sure the surface is smooth. Fill in or flatten any blemishes regarding surface to get the smooth finish, as paint will only highlight those trouble spots. Then, prime all repaired or bared areas for that smoother look.

Step 5

Tape off edges to accomplish the straightest lines and clean edges. Keep a wet edge on the brush to alleviate brush marks and also to keep a cleaner, neater edge. Clean and care for your brushes for the neatest results.

Step 6

And lastly, select the best finish to match your interior design and furnishings be it matt, satin or gloss finish.

Step 1

A spotless surface. Power washers, putty knives and scrapers are the perfect ways to produce that. Chemical cleaners are an option but less safe and much more expensive.

Step 2

Priming is the second step. If most of a coat of is unbroken then you will require to make use of a touch-up primer. Counter sink nails or screws and prime over for that smoother finish and to cut down on rust damage in future. Go for primer and base that are compatible.

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